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We believe in martial arts for everyone

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Our classes cover the full range of martial arts, from the physically challenging world of kickboxing to the spiritual and holistic development of Tai chi classes. Committing yourself to the practice of any of these martial arts will lead to you feeling more confident as you interact with the world.

You’ll get fit and discover the history and artistry behind different martial art styles at the same time.

We will show you how to defend yourself, and also how to think more clearly, exercise with knowledge and gain discipline over your life. Our instructors work with each student, helping them to work on their weaknesses until they are strengths. Which martial art is the best? Each one can help you develop yourself in a unique way, so try a few classes and decide which one fits your lifestyle the closest.

We also focus on martial arts for kids, showing them how to be compassionate while not giving up their power. They can have fun while they make friends and learn how to control their emotions. Every class will give your child a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they gave their all, helped their friends and overcome difficulty.

We believe in martial arts
for everyone

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If you want to get in great shape, learn strong self-defense principles and understand how to defend and strike, kickboxing classes will be perfect for you. The best way for you or your loved ones to feel safe in the world is to know that you can take care of yourself. In fact, it is one of the best martial arts for self defense.  

Our classes combine excellent conditioning programs with expert instruction, showing you how to punch, kick, move and train with ease.

Tai chi

Our Tai chi classes are based on focus, controlled breathing and an awareness of your own body. Proven to have deep stress-relieving benefits, our classes incorporate the world of traditional Chinese martial arts styles into our busy modern lives.

As a low-impact sport, tai chi is perfect for those looking for some inner-peace, recovering from an injury or simply wanting to improve agility and strength.

Jiu Jitsu

If size was everything, the elephant would be the king of the jungle! Jiu jitsu is the practice of pressure, technique over size and expertly controlled aggression. Based on the grappling skills often required in armored combat in medieval Japan, Jiu jitsu is one of the most effective and practical martial arts.

Among the best martial arts for self defense, our students include law enforcement, military personnel and those seeking confidence in their ability to defend themselves and control their aggressors.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

If you want full body fitness and self-protection confidence, no matter the situation, then mixed martial arts classes are ideal for you. Using the principles designed by one of the most successful MMA teams in the world (American Top Team), our mixed martial arts classes incorporate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, striking and wrestling, with robust conditioning to make it all possible.

The program is based on learning how to defend yourself in every position. Whether fighting in the ring, or protecting yourself out in the world, you’ll be ready and fit.

Arnis/Kali stick fighting

This stick-fighting martial art helps promote footwork, focus and coordination. Developed and honed in the Philippines, Arnis/Kali is a great way to learn how to defend against attacks with blades and weapons as well as give you the ability to defend yourself with everyday items (keys, sticks or even a magazine). Master Nick also teaches this class with a focus on machetes, so you can always be confident about using weapons to your advantage even in the most dangerous of situations and has integrated this with self defense for both the police and private individuals.

If you are prepared to improvise, adapt and overcome, regardless of the situation, you can live without fear and anxiety, making this one of our most interesting martial arts classes to join.

Weapons training

Learning how to strike and grapple is incredibly useful, but there are times when you could be faced with a threat from a weapon. In these situations, knowing how to react, how to move and how to minimize risk is vital.

From gun-handling to how to react to knife attacks, our weapon-based martial art styles will show you how to defend yourself in a wide variety of scenarios and situations.

Children’s classes

Our martial arts for kids program is designed to give an unshakeable foundation of values. As your little ones grow up in the modern world, the principles of integrity, respect and perseverance can often be lost. We want to help your children learn these values and have fun practicing them.

The best martial arts for self defense also teach vital skills in winning with humility and losing with grace. We help your children to develop personalities that are resistant to bullying and capable of anything.

It’s also important to recognize that kids need fun, friends and laughter in their lives. After training in our martial arts school, your children will be courageous, able to overcome any obstacles in their lives and ready to live, laugh and make the most of their abilities.