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summer program

From self-confidence to discipline and strength, empower your child with our martial arts summer program

Want to help your child find new confidence and develop new skills in a fun and safe environment? At Sono Dojo martial arts summer camp, we build our students’ self defense skills and give them the gift of confidence and discipline.

At Sono Dojo & Martial Arts Fitness, we believe that children should always have the opportunity for growth, and making friends as they learn, focus, and develop strength, flexibility and motor skills. Interested? Stop by and meet Master Nick.

What we can offer you

The summer days can be long, and it’s not always easy to find engaging activities for your children. Book by June 12, and you’ll have their summer activities sorted. 

The Sono Dojo martial arts summer camp has been running for eight years. We provide all the equipment needed and a safe, exciting environment that offers:

  • A fun way to occupy your kids over the summer while you work.
  • An opportunity to keep your children and their minds active.
  • A chance for your kids to make new friends and be sociable.
  • Groups organized by age range from age 5 and up.
  • Activities that teach respect and resilience.
  • Flexible pick-up and drop-off times with our transport service.
  • Experienced professionals to teach valuable life skills in a structured environment.
  • A free camp T-shirt for every student.


Summer camp details

Running from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each weekday, we provide a mix of structured and unstructured activities for children. They’ll try jiu jitsu and karate, kickboxing, and weapons training, enjoy free time to play sports, games, and go on field trips, and even have some quiet time to watch a movie together.

Why choose our summer camp?

We believe in the power of martial arts to help everyone build confidence. For kids especially, it’s important to learn how to win and lose with grace, help their friends succeed, and control their emotions. These values are an essential part of becoming a well-rounded individual.

Build self-awareness

Build self-awareness

The camp will help children better understand their strengths and weaknesses through focused self defense training. This can translate to better decision-making in their everyday lives.

Develop confidence

Learning a variety of new skills and techniques gives children the confidence to move forward and discover new opportunities in school, at home, or with friends.

Learn discipline and resilience

Instilling discipline and resilience through martial arts activities can also help children achieve at school and in their other sports and activities. In martial arts, you have to try your best to achieve – and never give up.

Understand the value of kindness

Martial arts teaches us how to show respect to our opponents and to be a gracious winner or a good loser. Children work with others and learn the value of sportsmanship and fair play.

Have fun and make new friends

Being sociable and making friends is essential for the healthy growth and development of any child. Martial arts provide a great opportunity for respectful teamwork and mutual cooperation!


We offer drop-off and pick-up services as part of our special limo service. We will take your children to and from the summer camp, making your busy schedule even easier.

Birthday parties

You can count on our sensei teacher, Master Nick, to be a friendly and welcoming host! We offer birthday parties where children can enjoy a memorable day and learn martial arts!


We provide the uniform your child will need to participate in the martial arts summer program at no extra cost. After all, your kids will want all the cool clothes and merchandise!

Meet your instructor

Your sensei teacher for the martial arts summer camp is Master Nick. He has worked as a consultant for numerous private and local schools, winning regional and national awards for his martial arts instruction. 

He has over 27 years of experience teaching children and has taught over 5,000 students since establishing his first martial arts school in 1995. With the Sono Dojo martial arts school, Master Nick is excited to offer a premium space where communities can unite and learn the beauty and power of martial arts.

Our amazing optional extras

Parents are welcome to take advantage of our optional extras. We offer plenty of services to help you with your busy schedules and help your child feel at home at our summer camp.


Yes, it will be a great fit for your kids! The martial arts camp is all about having fun and making friends while staying fit and learning new skills. We are here to help your kids grow and learn in cool and exciting ways – that they might never have imagined!

Yes, they are eligible to attend. The martial arts summer program is for everyone of all abilities. The most revered martial artists always started at the beginning.

Martial arts is as much about the mind as the body. Research shows that martial arts for kids can be an incredibly effective way to build strength, focus the mind, build confidence and feel more in control.

At our martial arts dojo, we combine physical exercise with discipline and respect, helping young people to overcome the challenges they face from bullying, social media pressure and anxiety.

That’s our goal – ensuring your child has fun, socializes, and makes new friends is a top priority. Our classes are designed to be sociable, involving teamwork, discipline, and respect for their opponent.

That’s our goal – ensuring your child has fun, socializes, and makes new friends is a top priority. Our classes are designed to be sociable, involving teamwork, discipline, and respect for their opponent.

Get in touch with us at 2039301150 or for more information.

The Sono Dojo & Martial Arts Fitness martial arts summer camp will be a fun and valuable experience for your children. It is a great safe space for parents to give their kids the opportunity to develop confidence, discipline, and respect while they have fun making friends and learning new skills on this summer adventure. 

Best of all, it’s super easy to sign up and start learning. Register your kids for the Sono Dojo summer camp using the LaunchPad app or by contacting us at 2039301150 or All you’ll need to do is sign the consent form, fill out the enrollment agreement, and you’ll be ready to go!