Join us in the Sono Dojo Martial Arts After School Program

From homework to high-kicks, your kids will love to learn at our martial arts dojo after school

Introducing the Sono Dojo Martial Arts After-School Program, where children can get active, acquire practical self-defense skills, and develop self-confidence under the guidance of a qualified, professional sensei teacher. Our engaging after-school program sets itself apart from other after school programs for kids by emphasizing life skills such as healthy eating, respectful communication, and effective problem-solving.


In addition to martial arts training, our experienced teacher is available to assist your children with their homework, ensuring a well-rounded experience. Discover the difference the Sono Dojo & Martial Arts Fitness After-School Program can make in your child’s life—come meet Master Nick and join our supportive community today!

Enjoy the benefits of Martial Arts for kids

As parents, you’ll find the martial arts dojo is a great social and educational setting for your children, where they will enjoy spending time after school. Aimed at children of all ages, it will give you peace of mind knowing your kids have a safe space to learn about martial arts and make new friends while being supported by a team of professional teachers offering structured and unstructured activities.

Why choose us

With the Sono Dojo Martial Arts After School Program, your children will get:

Expert Guidance from Certified Sensei Teachers

The after-school program includes support from qualified teachers in helping your children with their homework.

Convenient Transportation Options for Busy Parents

We also offer a pickup and drop-off service to and from the dojo to help make your busy schedule easier.

A fun and safe environment for your child

The dojo is a safe space to learn martial arts and self defense skills, giving your child a fun, well-rounded experience.

What’s in it for your child?

The Sono Dojo Martial Arts After School Program offers five key benefits for parents and the children.

Lighten the parenting load

Parenting is a challenge! It’s no secret – and the after school club is a great way to lighten the load and relieve some stress.

Nurture mindfulness

The after school club gets children away from social media and their computer screens, and keeps them active. They will also learn key mindfulness skills.

Safe and motivating space for your child

Your children will enjoy staying active with fun martial arts activities, while also engaging in the educational side and getting homework help.

Lifelong social skills and friendships

This one explains itself! Kids need to be sociable and enjoy themselves to let off some steam after a long day at school.

Teach your child the values of respect and discipline

The mix of martial arts activities teach your children the importance of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect.

Our philosophy

At Sono Dojo & Martial Arts Fitness, we believe martial arts are more than just physical training; it’s about developing a philosophy and approach to life that includes respect, discipline, and self-confidence. Our founder, Master Nick, brings a unique perspective to our programs by combining the best practices from various martial arts styles. This diverse foundation has allowed us to create a supportive community where young children can come together to train and grow closer.

Our approach is simple yet effective: we train hard, respect our colleagues, and gain confidence together. Our classes are designed for students of all ages and skill levels, allowing everyone to understand their abilities and bodies. Self-identity is a powerful tool in overcoming challenges, and we strive to help our students develop the belief that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.


Our after-school club provides a safe and structured environment where your child can learn exciting self-defence skills from various martial arts disciplines, in addition to receiving homework support. Our experienced teachers will also teach your children about nutrition, dealing with bullies, and methods for being kind and respectful.
Yes, our teachers at Sono Dojo & Martial Arts Fitness are qualified and experienced, and they are always available to help your child with their homework.
Yes, we can help your child build their confidence. At our martial arts dojo, we combine physical exercise with discipline and respect, helping young people overcome challenges like bullying, social media pressure, and anxiety. Your child will also have many opportunities to work in teams and make new friends.
Absolutely. At Sono Dojo, we believe learning mental resilience and discipline is as important as physical strength. Our courses help kids grow in self-confidence and develop essential life skills.
We offer a variety of martial arts classes, including Tai Chi, Jiu Jitsu, and Kickboxing. Our classes have mixed skill levels so that kids can learn the best of everything.
Yes, that is our goal. We strive to create a fun and social atmosphere where your child can make new friends and enjoy their time at our after-school club. We want your child to feel excited about coming back every day! If you think this sounds like a great program for your children to be involved in – a safe, structured space for kids to develop confidence, discipline, and respect while having fun – then you can enroll your kids now! You’ll just need to sign the forms, and you’ll be ready to go.