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Meet Master Nick Bajra

Master Nick came to the US in 1990 with just $50 in his pocket, and has spent the last 30 years training, developing his skills as a martial artist, and learning how to pass on his knowledge and experience.

Born in Kosovo and conscripted into the Yugoslavian Army before leaving for Paris to escape the tragic Bosnian war, Master Nick joined a studio to learn the French art of Savate before eventually moving to Long Island, NY, to hone his art even further.

His philosophy is based on a diverse foundation of martial art styles, allowing him to take the best from each one, and bring these lessons to his students. He has awarded over 40 black belts since his first school was established in 1995, and holds to principles of quality and excellence in his teaching.

Master Nick has been regionally and nationally recognized, winning awards, including ‘Instructor of the year’ and ‘Sifu of the year’ across several different disciplines. His strong competitive tournament record and fantastic communication skills make him the perfect teacher for the Sono Dojo & martial arts school.

He also believes that martial arts classes can be invaluable for children. A large portion of his energy and time goes into creating a supportive community environment, where young children, families and adults alike can train together and grow closer.

With Sono Dojo & Martial Arts Fitness, Master Nick is excited to offer a premium space where communities can come together and learn the beauty and power of martial arts together.

Here are just a few of Master Nick’s qualifications and experience